Quality childcare is important, that’s why we have made it our mission to build software solutions that make running childcare subsidy agencies & centers easier, efficient and enjoyable


CareControl is a comprehensive childcare management software solution that will save you time, increase efficiency and make running your agency or center more enjoyable.

With fully integrated case management tools such as ECM, Care Engine, and Form Engine you can easily process, complete and adjust each case efficiently and effectively.

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mSign enables any subsidy childcare agencies and centers to effortlessly track attendance on mobile devices via digital signatures. You will achieve faster processing times, accuracy and less room for potential fraud.

Mobile technology is quickly changing our everyday life. It is the new way of today’s society.

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big_dataCare Analytics

With current technological advancements, the amount of data available is tremendous. By using our platform, organizations can use big data analysis to find relations between large amounts of data. This leads to discovering new possibilities and finding new methods to help propel your organization and increases chances to prevent, protect and find potential fraud.

Care Analytics can help you discover the unknowns of your organization that you may otherwise have never realized.

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If you run a Childcare Subsidy Agency or Center, MCT is for you.