Spend more time on Childcare and less time on Record keeping

CareControl is a comprehensive Childcare Management Software Solution that will save you time and help your organization increase efficiency.

Do More with Less

Track your performance and know what areas to improve on. Build a better agency.

  • Complete daily tasks otherwise done manually in up to half the time
  • Quickly compute all calculation through our system
  • Offer fast turn-around on applications & managed cases
  • Interact with the Case Management Module
  • Keep a clean and accurate Audit Trail
  • Submit reports effortlessly and receive payment electronically
  • Save on stationery expenses by going paperless

Electronic Content Management

Paperless is finally here

No more endless trips to file cabinets, no more lost files in storage and no more rummaging through paperwork to find case information. Most importantly, no more paper cuts!

Care Engine

Light Speed Authorization

Our users can do this!

Form Engine

Your Personal Form Assistant is here

Tired of writing all those forms and ensuring they are correct? Well your automatic form assistant is here.


Stay ahead

Faster reimbursements means that you can pay those bills before they are even due.


Take control

Cleaner and more organized workflow ensures you complete any process in a fraction of the time.

Report Builder

Clicks away

Easily create reports and export them for analysis.